A couple weeks ago Hulu.com ordered a third season of “The Path”, a Hulu original  drama that delves into the subject of cults according to Deadline.com. The show focuses on a family that struggles in the middle of the cult movement. It’s not just a great drama, it’s filmed in the lower Hudson Valley according to IMDB.com.

In the past we’ve seen local casting calls for it, on sites like ProjectCasting.com, and others, and it looks like there will be more for the third season, which should start production shortly.

Onset Hollywood says they had filmed at Rockland Lake State Park in Valley Cottage New York. SummerCampCulture.com tells us a lot of the filming took place at the Marydell Faith and Life Center in Nyack, New York. It’s a 40-acre camp that the Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine owned. It served as a summer camp between 1924 through 1988. 130 girls each summer stayed for eight weeks of there. The camp property was sold by the nuns to the state and is in turned rented out for projects like this.

For me, it's always more fun to watch movies and shows that are filmed close to home.

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