Happy Cinco de Mayo. Woohoo, it's May 5th!

As you probably already know, the tortilla chip with salsa is a traditional Cinco de Mayo food. You can go mild, spicy or even in between for the salsa but since the chip is really the vehilce for the salsa, it's usually a rather plain type of crunch.

However, let's not mistake "plain" with "healthy".

Let me explain. Yesterday afternoon, a bag of chips was delivered to the radio station with a note that said, "Chips for morning show, salsa in fridge." I figured that this was all part of Mr. Morning and Suzy's celebration. About twenty minutes later, I walked past the bag o'chips and noticed that dots were forming. Ten minutes after that, more dots. I started taking pictures and then transferred them to another bag so I could take full advantage of a time lapse and how greasy the bag would get.


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