A few months ago, I heard a rumor that Thomas Rhett wanted to try his hand at acting. Why not? He's got the looks and certainly the talent for singing,song writing and starring in music videos. Maybe those talents continue onto the big screen.

When I came across the video he made with Maren Morris for their big hit "Craving You", I thought that maybe he can really pull this acting thing off. And guess what? He really does! The music video is truly a mini-movie. It's got everything a blockbuster film is all about: action, drama, fast cars, romance, suspense, twists, turns and the unexpected. The only thing missing is the popcorn.

If you need a five minute getaway and you love Thomas Rhett like I do, you are in for a true treat. Maren Morris shows her talents as well and these two country stars make a mini motion picture of Hollywood standards. Of course, his pregnant wife, the ever-adorable Lauren, makes an appearance in the video.

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