Is it the Taconic, 684, Thruway, 84?

To get started we need to first all agree that this is all purely speculation on my part, I'm referencing my own personal experiences so please feel free to disagree with me at anytime. I've spent the last twenty plus years driving all over the Hudson Valley. I've written stories about how a few roads scare the hell out of me, but what road in the Hudson Valley do you think has the most people breaking the speed limit?

What is the one road that no matter how fast your going, you are always getting passed by like your standing still?

Up until a few weeks ago I would have a hard time picking just one. Is it the Taconic? I've been passed many a times on the Taconic State Parkway by someone who's going waaaay to fast for that road. I mean with all the twists and turns, there's a reason why it's been called the most dangerous road in New York. So scary but as far as I'm concerned it doesn't have the most speeders.

Is it 84? If you travel east or west on 84 anywhere between Connecticut to Pennsylvania, there are many experiences that you've probably had that could make 84 the road with the most speeders on it. You've got big rig trucks everywhere and a ton of drivers weaving in and out of lanes trying to pass them. I've seen it so many times but I still don't think 84 has the most speeders.

I think the winner has to be 684. If you've never driven 684 before, it runs north and south and connects 84 to most of Westchester county. Anytime I'm find myself on 684 I notice that my foot gets a little heavier. Just the other day I was driving to one of my daughter Julianna's soccer matches and was by myself driving along when I looked down at the speedometer and noticed I was going just a tad over 80. As soon as I looked back up, I was being passed by almost everyone else like I was standing still!!! I happens every time I'm on it.

What do you guys think? 684 has to be the road with the most speeders, right?

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