After packing on the COVID 15 or more we are all looking to get back to healthier living and eating. Recently, Eat This, Not That! published their list of the best Health Food Stores in Every State and big news Hudson Valley the best store in New York is close by in Beacon.

Yes, the creators of the delicious cheese cake you see at the top of this page were names the best in New York By Eat This, Not That!. Beacon's own Beacon Natural Market at 348 Main Street in Beacon made the list representing New York.

The bountiful Hudson Valley is loaded with healthy options, but this family-owned market stands out for its selection of bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, and deli and juice bar. (Eat This, Not That! Sept 28. 2021).

Beacon Natural Market has been in operation since 2005. Their goal is to provide the Hudson Valley community with a "conscious alternative to the mainstream shopping experience". They want you to also know they are bigger then they look with over 4,000 square feet of shopping area.

photo credit Beacon Natural Market via Google

Eat This, Not That! says they based their selection of places for the list on various criteria including their travels, recommendations from friends and top reviews online. I am thinking they also saw these delicious fresh foods and thought Beacon Natural Market had to make the cut. See the complete list for Eat This, Not That!

photo credit - Beacon Natural Market via Facebook June 27

Another great local grocery that just opened in the Hudson Valley

The Accord Market's Grand Opening

There is a brand new place to shop in Ulster County. The Accord Market is officially open. The recently shared so photos with The Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce. They look so tasty we thought we would share them with you too.

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