It's hard to believe that Memorial Day is this weekend, but it is. That means lots of barbecues and celebrations will be taking place. One of the important things to have at a fun celebration, other than good food, is a good drink menu.

I did a little research to find some drink recipes that will be a good addition to your Memorial Day celebration. There are a few different websites that I will post links to, but I'm going to highlight my picks from each website.

This article has a decent list of drinks. Here are my picks from this list:

  • American Honey Lemonade
  • American Dream Punch
  • Palomaloha

I love that this article has red, white, and blue drinks. Pick one drink of each color and it will make a nice display on the table.

While a lot of us are going to be having Memorial Day parties this weekend, we should also remember what Memorial Day is for. It is to remember those who have sacrificed everything for this country. So during your party take a moment to raise your glass and honor those who gave their lives for this country.

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