January 15th is National Bagel Day, but guess what? Every day is National Bagel Day in the Hudson Valley.

You're probably asking yourself "but, why!?" Because the Bagel capital of THE WORLD (yes, that's right the world) is located in Sullivan County.

Monticello, New York: Bagel Capital of The World

I was craving a bagel this morning like most people do during the early AM hours. So I did a little search about bagel spots near me and randomly stumbled upon The Bagel Festival. Apparently, this festival takes place in Monticello, New York

Believe me, I had to do a double-take too.


We all know New York City usually gets the "Bagel Capital" title, but The New York State Senate and Assembly have passed a resolution proclaiming that Monticello is indeed the Bagel Capital of the World.

Why is Monticello, NY the Bagel Capital of The World?

According to the aforementioned proclamation, a Sullivan County native invented the original bagel-making machine. The Legislative Resolution states:

WHEREAS, The original bagel-making machine was invented by Louis Wichinsky of Hurleyville, New York;

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ke a look at the full proclamation below:


The Bagel Festival website explains further writing:

On March 8th 1966 Louis Wichinsky filed a patent for a “Dough Kneading Machine for the Forming of a Bagel and the Like.” His patent was granted on October 29th 1968.

The Bagel Festival in Monticello

The Bagel Festival takes place every August where bagel lovers from near and far gather to celebrate their love and the history of bagels. After Monticello was officially named Bagel Capital, their first Bagel Festival drew 5,000 attendees.

Learn more about this year's Bagel Festival at bagelfestival.org.

Can you get a good bagel in New York City and New Jersey (2 self-proclaimed 'Bagel Capital locations)? Of course! But you can never take away Monticello's deep-rooted bagel history.

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