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Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito and the folks at City Hall have launched a new web series on Youtube called "This Week in the City." The videos will be made available on Youtube to keep the public informed on how the City of Danbury is being run.

The videos are being produced locally by R Media. R Media is owned and operated by Danbury locals Alicia and Renato Ghio who had this to say about the project:

"We are honored to work with the City of Danbury on this important and beneficial project for the residents of Danbury. This weekly project will be professional while organically showcasing the great work of our City and its people."

Below is the introductory video.

Danbury Mayor Dean Espsoito had this to say about the project:

“I’m excited for the launch of This Week in the City because for a city our size, it’s important to show our residents how hard our city staff work to provide the best services possible."

The Mayor is beefing up all levels of communication with the public, in an effort to make the local government "more accessible" according to the City's Youtube page. That Youtube page is where you need to go if you'd like to get alerts about the new episodes of "This Week in the City."

I love what the Mayor is doing here, creating a pipeline to information and being accessible with the public. He's also rocking a very "in" mustache style which is worth noting.


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