Horse racing enthusiasts call it "the greatest two minutes in sports." This Saturday, May 7, is "The Run for the Roses'" better known as the Kentucky Derby. For true horse racing fans, it's one of the most glorious days of the year, and for those of us who aren't fans, it's a great day to party.

It's the 148th Running of the Kentucky Derby and if you're thinking about gettin' down and funky, I highly recommend you bust it up at the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center during their "Derby Day Party" beginning at 3:30 pm this Saturday, May 7. The photo below is the finish of the 2021 Kentucky Derby. To view the entire race, click this link.

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If this is your first Derby Day party, I'd like to offer up a few suggestions. You'll find some of the ladies wearing alluring headgear and attractive clothing. A word to my bros, when invited to a Derby Day party, do yourself a favor and find out if you're REQUIRED to dress as requested. DO NOT wear a stained Megadeath t-shirt.

137th Kentucky Derby
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The following invitation from my brother tells you all you need to know and what to expect at a Kentucky Derby party when done correctly.



I'm not sure if 'derby attire' means you should dress like one of the jockeys or dress like this fella.

2016 Kentucky Derby
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Because the mint juleps and bourbon will be flowing freely, I would highly recommend an Uber home. Have fun and all that happy horsesh*t!


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