Not only did it hurt but now I think he's mad at me!

Almost every day I try my best to spend at least an hour or so playing with my dog Smalls and during playtime last night things got rough. Smalls isn't really small...LOL! He's about 50 pounds, so rough play can sometimes be hazardous. So hazardous that I'm now typing this with one less tooth in my mouth and a little bit of guilt.

Here's What Happened

Like we've done many times before I got down on the floor of my living room to throw his ball from one end of my apartment to the other. I throw it, and he goes and grabs it and brings it back, your normal game of "fetch". As we were going back and forth, he came back one time and wouldn't drop the ball so I went to grab it from his mouth and when I leaned in with my face towards his head, he started to shake his head back and forth.

I'm not sure if all dogs do what mine does but when he has something in his mouth and you go to take it he wants to play tug of war and when he does it he whips his head around really fast. He's really strong when he does it so as you can imagine while he was shaking back and forth he slammed me in the face, and BOOM one of my crowns came out! My first reaction was what the heck just happened!

When I realized what happened I screamed at him, something I never do, and after I screamed he dropped the ball and ran into the other room and hid from me. I got up and started to freak out, I called my dentist right away and thankfully they can see me later today to try and fix the damage. Now back to my sweet puppy Smalls. After I got off the phone with the dentist I called out for him and he wouldn't come out of the room. SO I went in and he was laying on the bed just staring at me like one of my kids stares when they think they are in trouble.

The look on his face KILLED ME!!! This is where the guilt part came crashing down. I definitely yelled really loud and now feel really bad so I would like to apologize to my boy Smalls. I'm sorry for yelling, it wasn't your fault, and to make it up to you I am willing to publicly share the most embarrassing picture of me ever taken...

A TOOTHLESS CJ!! Sorry, buddy!


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