Hello Fellow Kitty Fanatics, Happy Feline Friday!

You may remember a few months ago I introduced you to a kitty that lives in Japan who has more than a typical cat-like obsession with boxes. His fascination with cardboard enclosures have made him an internet star. In fact, Maru is the most viewed cat in the world. Millions of people all over the world are just as obsessed with him and click in to see what es-cat-pades he has gotten himself into. Now that is something that you can't shake a catnip toy at.

There is not a box in the world that Maru won't stuff his stout Scottish Fold body into. Big ones, small ones, tall ones, narrow ones...but it seems that there is a box that Maru just couldn't get his fur into. So what did he do? Check out the video below, I promise that it will have you smiling.

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