Brad Paisley is well known for showcasing his humor and guitar skills in concert but at a headlining set in Charleston, S.C., the joke was on him. In a behind-the-scenes clip for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Paisley recalls the time he took a tumble on stage and was rushed to the emergency room.

During a performance of "Alcohol," the last song he plays in concert, Paisley ended the show unexpectedly when he took a bad fall.

“There I am on the stage, I’m kind of running across the stage, and we have these ramps on each side," he explains. "I was sprinting to wave to one side. I had just handed my hat to a little kid in the front row. I’m waving over here, and then I take off running to go over to the other side, and I’m coming down that ramp. I’m running like I am in the Olympics. My boot catches something on the carpet and I go down. I mean, when I go down, I’m airborne,” he recalls.

In the moment, Paisley was alert enough to realize he should lift his guitar in the air to save it from getting ruined. While his instrument was left unscathed, he wasn't so lucky.

“I land on the stage with full force and thought, for sure in that instant, with searing pain on my side, I thought, ‘I have broken my hip on the last song of this tour,’” he admits.

Paisley explains that at every concert an ambulance is on hand in case someone gets drunk or sick. Paramedics never expect it to be the artist who will need to be taken care of, however!

Following the show, Paisley was rushed to the ER, where he learned that miraculously nothing was broken.He did, admittedly, have a bruise the size of a football.

"It really did look like it had laces on it," he jokes. "It was one of the more embarrassing things."

While in the emergency room, he asked fans on Twitter if anyone filmed his fall because he desperately wanted to see it. Paisley says one fan was "really cool about it."

“He wrote me and said, ‘I have the video. If it’s cool, I’ll put it up, but I won’t put it up if you’re embarrassed.’ And I said ‘Oh I’m embarrassed...put it up.’ And he actually put that up," Paisley says. "Within minutes, it was online and I was able to see it in all of its glory."

Paisley is far from the only country headliner to suffer a stage fall. Luke Bryan has been known for his tumbles in concert, and so has Blake Shelton.

Paisley will hopefully be able to contain himself to the stage safely when he (along with Carrie Underwood) marks his 11th year hosting 2018's CMA Awards Nov. 14 at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.

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