Ooni, a portable pizza oven company, is looking for people to do one of the toughest jobs of all: taste-testing pizza, for real dough!

If you’re up to this task, you could earn between $300 to $1,000 per day for putting your taste buds to work for the cause.

You have to make the pizzas yourself, according to CNBC, either creating your own concoctions or following their pizza protocol. They are also looking for people to rate their new pizza products.

Ideal candidates for these positions will have some pizza prep experience, and some culinary skills but novices can fit the bill too. CNBC says:

Those selected for the job, will be appointed a permanent, ongoing part-time role in the areas of product testing or recipe development. They will also be sent an Ooni wood-fired pizza oven, which the company says cooks pizza in 60 seconds and is designed for cooking outdoors.


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