I'm no expert when it comes to table games at casinos. I don't automatically know when I should hold 'em or know when to run. According to a press release I just received from Mohegan Sun, again, they're staying on-trend by introducing a new form of the classic game of Blackjack in a new lounge.

Duo Blackjack Lounge has just opened up in Mohegan's Casino of the Wind on Friday and Saturday evenings only. They bill it as a new area for couples, friends, frenemies, etc to sit together on new plush double benches, while enjoying a DJ spinning tunes, and enjoying table side hand-crafted cocktails.

There is a $25 minimum bet standard.

I believe this will be very welcome news for a lot of people. Not all of us have the Blackjack odds memorized. The last time I sat at a table, I screwed up and didn't take a hit when I should have. You would have thought that I just pulled out a baby and slapped it across the face based on the reactions of the 5 other experts at the table. Sometimes it's nice to go over your strategies with someone else before you lay down more cash.

Another great idea Mohegan!

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