The "piano man" also called our "hometown of the week" home back in the 1970s.

Every once in and while we get just as surprised as you do when it comes to fun facts about some of our towns here in the Hudson Valley. Surprised is an understatement as we began the weekly celebration of our hometown of the week.

Our town this week is the Orange County village of Highland Falls, New York, located in the town of Highland right next to the West Point Military Academy. To really celebrate our hometown each week, we ask for any sort of recommendation that you think we would enjoy trying out. Restaurants, hiking spots, bakeries, pretty much anything you can tell us about the small Orange County village.

Billy Joel In Concert - New York, New York
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Billy Joel Called Highland Falls Home

Thanks to Crystal who texted us that singer/songwriter Billy Joel called Highland Falls home back in the '70s. She told us that he allegedly wrote the song "New York State of Mind" while he was riding a Greyhound Bus back to his home in Highland Falls. Joe also called us to let us know that Joel also has a song called "Summer, Highland Falls" which according to Joe, was inspired by his time living in Highland Falls.

Buttermilk Falls was Highland Falls' Orginal Name

We aren't exactly sure when the name change went into effect, but the village of Buttermilk Falls dropped the "buttermilk" and added "Highland" to their name and in 1906 the village of Highland Falls was formed according to Wikipedia.

Is there something you can tell us about Highland Falls? Call or text us anytime through the Wolf county app.

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