The COVID-19 pandemic has sure changed our lives in so many different ways, now as we approach High School prom season, there's a must have accessory that every prom goer will be shopping for.

Masks are in, and if your heading to a prom this year you don't want to be caught without one.

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As High Schools in the area decide whether or not they will be holding their prom events, and since all of last years prom's were canceled, students who will attend possible prom's this year are looking to make a big fashion statement, and yes a mask will be an important part of it.

One Bethel Bridal Shop is ready, and turning the mask into something very personal. Gail Furniss, the owner of Occasions Bridal in Bethel told us how they are handling the demand for this new fashion accessory.

"What we're doing is when someone buy's a dress we're actually making a mask to match the dress. I'm not sure if masks will be mandatory at these events, but we want to make sure the ladies are looking good and have one ready".

So the basic rule according to Gail is don't be seen unless your seen in a mask that compliments the dress your wearing. "Masks have become more of a fashion statement now, girls don't want to draw a lot of attention to the mask, they want to coordinate the look with the gown, like when you would get a head piece, now that's been kind of replaced with a mask".

So is there one particular mask or style of mask that's trending this year, Gail said not really, "the girls have their own style, so we've been selling lot's of different looks. There's really not one style that's more popular then another, the girls we've been seeing have had very unique requests".

Now everyone knows there's always a color trend each year, and we had to find out what color is this years hot property. "We're selling a lot of pastels", Gail said, "we are also selling jewel tones like hunter green, navy, purple, and we're selling blush pink and champagne, it's really all across the board".

The good news for girls shopping for their prom dress and mask is that most school, if they are hosting a prom. will be having it in June, so there's still time to decide what mask fashion statement they want to make.

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