It's an extremely small village located in Sullivan County, but Jeffersonville packs quite the punch.

If you've never been to Jeffersonville, New York you are not alone. Neither have we, BUT after learning a few pretty cool things about Jeffersonville, we are set to head out and take a look around.

Was Jeffersonville Named After President Jefferson?

The village was first called "Winkelried" in the 1800s and from what we can gather the town name does have something to do with President Jefferson. According to Wikipedia, the first hotel in the village was called The Jefferson House, which was named after President Jefferson. The village was renamed Jeffersonville around the same time, so we're thinking the former President had something to do with it...LOL! The hotel is still standing on Main Street and is now known as the Abel Building.

One of New York's Best Bakeries

We got a ton of text messages from Hudson Valley listeners that told us we have to try out one of the best bakeries anywhere. The Jeffersonville Bake Shop is located at 4906 Rt 52, Jeffersonville, and according to Chris in Woodridge, "The Jeffersonville bakeshop is amazing CJ, all homemade all amazing a must-try! They make these stuffed croissants that are to die for, they make huge breakfast sandwiches too."

TV's TLC Once Renovated Jeffersonville

Back in 2004 the TV Network TLC brought the television program Town Haul to Jeffersonville to make over several buildings in the village. Interior designer Genevieve Gorder, who you might remember was a regular designer on one of TLC's other shows Trading Spaces, came to the small village and rehabbed some of the buildings that needed help. If you remember the renovations that the TV show did back in 2004, how do the buildings look today? Did TLC do a good job? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

Horseback Riding & More

Mary from the town of Callicoon, sent us a text to let us know that if we ever want to go horseback riding on some great trails we should check out Bridle Hill Farm located at 190 Hemmer Road, Jeffersonville. She mentioned that her children loved riding there each and every time they went and the views from their trails "were amazing!"

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