Maria Leonardi and Justin Stone had just taken wedding vows in Avon, Connecticut Saturday, at the West Avon Congregation Church, and then boarded a rented trolley bus, which was gearing up to take off with friends to their wedding reception. Before taking off, the bus caught fire.

Cue the Avon Volunteer Fire Department showing up just after being called to the church to save the day. The bus engine compartment fire was eventually put out using an extinguisher that was already on the bus, according to Hartford’s Fox 61 TVbut the newly wed couple was stranded.

Their reception was going to begin shortly, so for a second time that day, the Avon, Connecticut volunteer fire department saved the day for the new Mr. and Mrs. The firefighters offered the couple a ride on board the department's shiny, red fire truck, making a special day even more special.

They could be starting a new wedding trend with this one!

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