Is it something you do?

There are certain times in life that the most ridiculous questions just need to be asked, and hopefully answered. Here's where the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show steps in and tries to get the answers that we are all looking for....LOL! To you the question may seem ridiculous, but to me, it MATTERS!

When you are getting ready to brush your teeth in the morning, after a meal, or at night, do you wet the toothbrush before you put the toothpaste on it? I ask because the last time I helped my son Jackson get his toothbrush ready to go, I wet the brush before I put the toothpaste on it and he asked me why I do it. I stood there for a second and really couldn't come up with an answer, so I figured I would ask you guys.

He said that anytime anyone else helps him with his toothbrush they don't do it the way I do. Does anyone else wet the toothbrush before they apply the toothpaste? My routine goes like this:

Wet the toothbrush
Apply the toothpaste
Wet the toothpaste and brush
Brush away

For the first time in forever, both Jess and I have the exact same routine with something....LOL! How about the water temperature when you run your brush under the water? Doe sit matter? It does to us, the water has to be cold, right? Beth texted us, "I do wet the toothbrush first I also wet it after the toothpaste, however I use warm water because it actually makes the toothpaste foam more." I never heard that before but might have to give it a try!

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