An unidentified Ridgefield resident had a pretty good day on Monday winning big in the latest Powerball Drawing.

The Ridgefield winner has yet to be identified, but according to the Connecticut Lottery, the person won $100,000 on a Powerball ticket they purchased at the Ridgefield Liquor Shop on Danbury Road.

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As the big money winner remains anonymous, it's nice to see someone in our local area become $100,000 dollars richer.

There were also some other big money lottery winners around the Greater Danbury area over the last month.

Jose Pereira of Danbury won $20,000 playing 20X Cash 6th Edition he bought at SNZ Enterprises in New Milford

Rendy Raposo of Danbury also won $20,000 on a 20X Cash 6th Edition on a ticket purchased at Wheels in Danbury.

Steven May of Danbury picked up a Play 4 Night ticket purchased at the Tropical Deli in Danbury and won $10,000.

Thomas Brooks of Danbury also had some luck playing the 20X Cash 6 Edition he picked up at Shawns Mini Market in Torrington and won $20,000.

Wanda Booker of Waterbury won $10,000 on a 30X Cash 8th Edition purchased at the New Store in Waterbury.

Robert Tyler Jr. of Woodbury bought a $100,000 Cashword 10 ticket at Woodbury Shell Food Mart and won $10,000.

Mark Mason of New Milford played 20X Cash 6th Edition purchased at Park Lane Sunoco in New Milford and won $10,000.

Tersea Wiulson of Danbury was a $10,000 winner on a Play 4 Day ticket purchased at Hilltop Wine and Liquor in Danbury.

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