Everyone loves Ice Cream in the summertime, especially when it's free.

Well get ready to get your fair share of free ice cream when the Carmel Police and the Putnam Country Sheriffs Department hold their "Ice Cream with a Police Officer" event.

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It's you and your kids chance to not only get some free ice cream, but you can also interact with a member of the Carmel Police and the Putnam County Sheriffs Office.

The Ice Cream With a Police Officer event will be happening on Thursday, July 22 at Kwality Ice Cream on South Lake Blvd. in Mahopac and will be going on from 3 PM until 5 PM, according to a post on their website.

It's all part of the "Back the Blue" event organized to help not just young people, but adults as well meet those men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our communities.

"Back the Blue", which was started last year with the first police walk that drew over 1,000 walkers, is the only "Back the Blue" organization in Putnam County.

It's more important now then ever that local communities and law enforcement come together to understand each other and the commitment that police officers and Sherriff Department Officers make each and every day.

Their commitment to service to the community remains foremost and working together with the community helps police understand the public safety needs so they can generate the community support necessary to continue on their path of excellence.

The officers of the Carmel Police Department and the Putnam County Sheriffs office work very diligently in partnership with the Carmel and Mahopac communities to ensure that the towns remain a safe and secure environment in which to live and work.

Not only will all kids get a free ice cream cone on July 22, but they will also receive a free police badge. The Ice Cream with a Police Officer event is free and open to the public.

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