If you have kids, what do you think about what happened to one Hudson Valley mom?

Almost every week here at the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we get someone who's looking for some help. They will either text us, or send us an email asking us a question, or sometimes they ask for some advice. Sometimes they just need to vent and this week I think we have a little bit of everything.

We got an email from "Beth" who had quite the conversation last weekend at a friend's BBQ. Here's what she wrote to us...

"I was over at a friend’s house last weekend for a BBQ. All of the kids were outside playing, they had all kinds of kids things set up for them to play with including one of the small baby-size pools. Anyway, us moms were all sitting around a picnic table when one of the young ones said she was thirsty. I yelled over to her to grab a drink of water from the garden hose so she didn’t have to stop playing. You would have thought I told the kids to drink poison...I won’t name the mom, but she went on and on about how she would NEVER let her kids drink from the hose. She spent the next five minutes explaining to us how unsanitary it was and how disgusted she was that I told them to do it. She, in not so many words, called me a bad parent! Honestly, I thought everyone did this!! Did you guys ever grab drinks from a hose? Is it really a big deal? Do you think it’s okay to let your kids drink water from the hose? She’s crazy right?"

I for one was always the kid that was drinking all the time from the hose. There was always something about not having to get a cup to drink out of. Just grab the hose, turn it on and drink away. Today I kind of see what the other mom might be talking about with COVID and all but to make that big of a deal about it is a bit much, right?

Parents, what do you think? Is it okay to let your kids drink water from the hose today? Would you let your kids do it? Is "Beth" a bad parent for allowing it? Call or text us through the app.

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