I know that there are a lot of  the reasons that it takes so much time for an experimental drug to make it to the experiment stage to see if it actually works. However, when faced with a life-threatening illness this is not exactly something that anyone wants to hear. My cousin's best friend died from ALS. I also have another friend who has a cousin suffering from this awful disease.

Research takes money and lots of it. I'm sure you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. It raised lots of money, awareness and helped with lots of research. What now?

Are we any closer to a cure? The good news is: Yes we are. The ALS Therapy Development Institute is a non-profit research facility who's only focus is to develop a treatment and cure including the experimental drug known as AT-1501, which is showing great promise. Working towards this cure is expensive. Click here for more info and to see how you can help make ALS something of the past.


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