One door closes and another opens — literally.

We sort of wish, however, that this door would open right here in Danbury instead of in another part of Connecticut. A new Dave & Buster's is coming to Connecticut and, while we love the shoreline, we’re not so happy with the location they’ve selected.

The Connecticut Post Mall in Milford revealed yesterday that as financially struggling stores like Gymboree are moving out, Dave & Buster's will be moving in. The Dave & Buster's restaurant chain is famous for combining arcade games, cocktails, brews, food and sports entertainment in one complex. Construction begins soon, and Spring 2018 is when doors are expected to open for business, WTNH Connecticut reports.

Maybe they missed the discussion we had on the air a couple months ago regarding Bob’s Stores closing, and how that space would have been perfect for a Dave & Buster’s. They might have thought that the Bob's Danbury location was too close to their existing restaurant in Nyack’s Palisades Center. Yep, that would explain it, because Mr. Morning and I know they heard the show that day.

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