A New York brewery has been busted for allegedly selling fake craft beer at Walmart stores.

Walmart is now being sued by craft beer drinkers for selling 12-packs labeled as the “Trouble Brewing” brand in 3,000 US Walmart stores according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Trouble Brewing” is manufactured by Genesee Brewing of Rochester, NY, which plaintiffs compared to the brewers mainstay product, Genny Cream Ale. Walmart had the Genessee "Trouble Brewing" Beers placed right next to other craft beers on the sales floor. Although frivolous, accusers may actually have grounds for this lawsuit. In order for a beer to be “craft”, it must be produced in batches of less than 6,000,000 barrels a year, according to Paste Magazine.

Walmart’s response is that the four different "Trouble Brewing" beers were made for Walmart by WX, an exclusive producer and supplier for wine a beer around the world from smaller batches. The label on the can says it was brewed by Trouble Brewing in Rochester, but there is no such brewery according to the Chicago Tribune.

Let this be a lesson to the biggest companies in the world: Don’t mess with craft beer drinkers!

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