The Hudson Valley has a long tradition of dirt track racing. One of the tracks that has kept that tradition alive over the years is the Official Accord Speedway located at 299 Whitfield Avenue in Accord, New York.

Traditionally the Accord Speedway has been known for Friday night racing excitement where as the Orange County Speedway in Middletown New York has held the Saturday night slot.  Built in 1962 the Accord Speedway is a great track and a great place to bring the family for Friday night racing. It has been a staple in the Hudson Valley Dirt Track scene for over 6 decades.

Why has Racing Temporarily Stopped at the Accord Speedway in Ulster County NY?

The Official Accord Speedway via Facebook
The Official Accord Speedway via Facebook

So what has the race season held up for a moment at the Official Accord Speedway? Apparently, it has to do with the track surface. The 2023 season opener at Accord Speedway was set for May 19th and there was also a full night of racing planned for this past weekend but unfortunately, that was not able to happen due to the track conditions.

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In a Facebook post on the Official Accord Speedway page, the track explained that in order to get the track in good condition for racing again they were going to have to cancel racing for this week (June 2nd). Get the work done over the next few days and re-open on June 9th.

PC: Kevin Berryman
PC: Kevin Berryman

R Lapp Excavating & Trucking and Others Help Accord Speedway Go Racing

Accord Speedway was also in need of some assistance getting equipment. So it turns out that the loyal and understanding race fans were very supportive and encouraging when commenting on the original Facebook post and as of today R Lapp Excavating & Trucking has shown up with the equipment needed to get the job done.

What's Going on at the Accord Speedway?

You can follow the progress on the Official Accord Speedway Facebook page thanks to Kevin Berryman who is on the track taking photos so we can see it all coming together.

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Accord Speedway also wants people to know that the wristbands and tickets you weren't able to use on Memorial Day Weekend for the races that were scheduled on May 26th will be honored during the season at any regular Friday night race.

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