I am sitting here at the radio station playing music and getting the traffic and weather reports ready to broadcast as a lot of people head home on this Wednesday afternoon. This is something that I do every weekday afternoon. But today is different.

As I watch the rain and I hear it hitting the roof of our building, the television in the on-air studio shows pictures of devastation from the hurricanes that are active in the south. Harvey was a jerk but Irma is a Class A Witch with a B! Not to mention Jose and Jackie that are right behind her.

The Virgin Islands hold a very special place in my heart. My husband and I were married on the beautiful little rock in the middle of the Atlantic known as St. John. That beautiful little rock is getting tossed around by winds of up to 185 mph as I type this.

If you are reading this, can I ask you to please take a moment and think of the people and animals that are going through this horrible bout from Mother Nature? Send them some prayers. They can certainly use any positive vibes that you can give them.


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