Naturally, there has been a huge focus on Hurricane Harvey this week. If you are an animal lover, like me, the news about the misplaced pets destroys your heart. reports that in an effort to make space for pets displaced by this monster storm, twenty dogs from the Houston SPCA, in Galvenston, Texas are now in the hands of the CT Humane Society in Newington.

Thankfully due to the nationwide "Clear the Shelters"  program, the Newington shelter has room for these dogs.

These were dogs that are already homeless or surrendered to a shelter for adoption. When the hurricane came, the shelter became flooded and now they are trying to clean up and make space for pets that have been separated from their owners. -Barbara Naugle, Director of Development at CT Humane Society

If you are looking for a new best friend, maybe you'd consider one with a Texas drawl. You can click this link to contact the Connecticut Human Society for more info.

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