COVID-19 had a wide array of negative effects on communities all over the U.S. and Danbury was not immune. Some of us lost loved ones, our economy was trashed and we were kept apart for over a year.

Now that we've reached the light at the end of the tunnel, it's time to pick up the pieces and move on. A huge part of moving on is going back out in the community to spend money and enjoy one another's company.

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Spending money at this time might not be easy for you, it's not for me. Before the pandemic, we carefully considered all of our recreational activities. I have a wife and four kids, do you know what is costs for six people to go to a theme park, a museum or even a movie? Of course you do, it's more than it should be, no matter what your income may be.

Sometimes you want to do something active or stimulating with the family without denting the wallet. Sometimes you just want to know what, if anything the community can offer for such an occasion. Our community is offering freebies, and here are 8 you can enjoy for Summer 2021 in and around Danbury, CT.

8 Free Events in and Around Danbury For Summer 2021

What better way to pass the time than with a stimulating event that won't cost a dollar? In and around Danbury, CT this summer (2021) this will not be difficult to find. These are some of the areas best and most cost effective "if it's free, it's for me" events.

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