There is so much to love about Walden, New York.

The village of Walden, located in Orange County is one of the areas in the Hudson Valley that may be a small town but it's a town that packs a BIG punch! There is a little bit of something for everyone in Walden and thanks to people all across the Hudson Valley we've come up with six things we love about Walden, New York.

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It's so Good a Bank Named Themselves After the Town

There are only a few towns in the Hudson Valley that can say they have their name used by a local bank in their name. Walden is one of those towns with Walden Savings Bank. The bank was established back in 1872, it's the 11th oldest mutual savings bank in America and is getting ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary this month (4/26). Happy anniversary!!!

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Angry Orchard

The 60-acre orchard is located at 2241 Albany Post Rd, Walden, NY, and is one of the more popular orchards in the Hudson Valley. Angry Orchard is known worldwide for GREAT CIDERS! They brew their own ciders & serve them from the barrels right in Walden. Angry Orchard is one place that makes Walden a must-visit.

Walden Residents Share What They Love

We got a text from "Loopy" in Walden, "We have a really nice rail-trail that can be walked from Walden to Walkill and back. Franco’s pizza has good food and is a huge supporter of the community. We just had Sweeter than Sweet cupcakes open up on Main Street. She has amazing cupcakes. We just had Blue Fox books open as well. Great little book store. Looking for some good Chinese?? Daxxon Chinese is a nice sit-down family restaurant. Ming Gies is take-out only but also has good food. I could go on but really you could just walk around and see all the great little finds we have." Kim texted us that if you want to try the best empanada's anywhere you must try Empanada Nirvana. They are located at 75e E Main St, Walden, NY.

Businesses in Walden Stay IN Business for a Longtime

Laura in Walden texted us, "Walden is home to some of the longest family-owned family businesses in the area- Millspaugh Funeral Home (my family's business), Millspaugh Furniture (my uncle and cousin), and Sohn's Appliances. Our funeral home and the furniture store just celebrated 164 years in business!" Businesses that last that long say a lot about Walden.

Home to one of the Hudson Valley's Last Department Stores

Thruway Sporting Goods, located at 78 Oak St, Walden, NY is one store in Orange County that offers shoppers a little bit of everything. They are the place to shop for anything and everything outdoors including the most popular brands in clothing, footwear, fishing & boating, hunting & shooting, camping, and more.

Big Hearts Live in Walden

We got a call from Rick from Liberty, who told us a story about how last year his family had fallen on hard times around the holidays and he was worried that he wasn't going to be able to give his kids any sort of Christmas. He told us that the folks at Creative Touch Landscaping & Supply did something that he wanted to share with everyone. He told us that they donated a Christmas tree and gifts to Rick and his children so they could have some sort of holiday. We love to hear stuff like that, so if you need any landscaping or supplies try Creative Touch Landscaping & Supply located at 1450 NY-52, Walden, NY.

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