We ❤ Newburgh.

For most people when they hear the citytown name, Newburgh, they automatically think about something negative. You might have started reading this thinking the same thing, well first, it's OK that you think like that, BUT we encourage you to join us in trying to flip it from negative to positive.

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we spin the "wheel o' towns" to pick out one local town to celebrate. This week the wheel landed on Newburgh and anytime it lands on a town that is also a city, we just combine them and celebrate both!

Newburgh has a ton of great things that we should definitely try out at least once. Here is what we have so far....

Chadwick Lake

Kim texted us, "Good morning CJ and Jess. Chadwick lake in Newburgh is a good visit and Jess it’s a great 4 mike run, I think you would love it. I grew up ice skating on the lake and now I spend many days walking, running (slowly lol) and biking around the lake. There are endless views, a must experience."


If you like to eat and walk with great views, the Newburgh waterfront is perfect for you. From Billy Joe's Ribwork's to Captain Jakes to Blu Pointe all offer great food and once your finished with dinner, you can walk along the Hudson river.

Newburgh Loves Motorcycles

Newburgh is home to not one, but two great experiences for motorcycle lovers. First is the Motorcyclepedia Museum located at 250 Lake Street, they offer visitors the chance to checkout over 600 Motorcycles from as far back as 1897 up to today featuring Harley-Davidson's, Indian and much more. Newburgh was also home to Orange County Choppers, who made motorcycle fabrication super poplar on TV. The Teutul family was featured on the television series American Chopper for many years.


If you like to look at and buy antiques and vintage things, Newburgh has you covered. Newburgh is home to the Newburgh Vintage Emporium located at 5006 Rte 9W, Newburgh. They have their locations set up like an indoor flea market where you can walk around and checkout some vintage items that are set up at booth like spaces throughout the store.

Best Diner & Meeting Spot

Most of us have opinion about the best diner, but as far as I'm concerned the Alexis Diner at the corner of Route 9W and Route 32 is my favorite. I think it may have something to do with eating there at all hours of the night after long nights at Billy Joe's. The French fries (disco fries) there are sooo gooodd!!! They also have a great parking lot to meet friends and leave your car for the night. I've done it many times, BUT I don't recommend doing it nowadays because they WILL TOW YOU!...LOL!

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