We ❤ New Milford!

The start of a new week means a lot of different things for most of us, but here at the Wolf it means one thing!! It means we get to celebrate another Wolf "hometown of the week" and after a big spin of the "wheel O' towns" we are celebrating New Milford, Connecticut.

Being that both Jess and I are new to country music fans in Connecticut, we need your help in getting to know New Milford, CT a bit better. We do know that the Housatonic river runs threw it, but that's about it! Is there one thing you can tell us about New Milford that makes New Milford unique? If we ever find ourselves in New Milford, is there one thing we need to do or try? We asked and you guys helped us out bigtime with 4 things we had no clue about.

Joan Rivers Called New Milford Home

Thanks to Linda, who texted us through the Wolf app, we learned that one of the best comedians of all-time and part of the Fashion Police once lived in New Milford, CT.

8 Movies Have Been Filmed in New Milford

Danielle texted us that the popular Adam Sandler movie from 2002, Mr. Deeds was filmed on Bank Street in New Milford. According to Wikipedia seven other movies and TV shows have also been filmed in New Milford, including, The Brass Ring (1983), Zero Day (2003), What Alice Found (2003), The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005), The Six Wives of Henry LeFay (2007), The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009), 25/8 renamed to My Soul to Take (2009).

Best BBQ in Connecticut

Mia from Mahopac texted us that, "The cook house on 7 is fantastic. Best BBQ in CT." After checking out their website, any restaurant whos slogan is "America's Favorite Country Food" is a place we need to go for a meal.

Great Parks and Hiking

A great place to hike is at "Lovers Leap State Park and thanks to Susan we learned that Young's Field has a ton of things for people to enjoy outside including a skate park, tennis and basketball courts, and a bocce ball court.

What did we miss? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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