Chester, New York probably isn't the first place you think of when we say cream cheese, but it should be, and here's why, plus a few other things we love.

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Cream Cheese was Born in Chester

One of the biggest lies in the world of cream cheese is that the most popular brand Philidelipa Cream Cheese was created in Philadelphia. We've told you a few times in the past about cream cheese's big lie. Philedopelia cream cheese was mass-produced for the first time back in 1873 by a local dairyman, William A. Lawrence. Lawrence lived in Chester and in 1872, he figured out that by adding cream to the cheese-making process he developed a richer cheese that he called "cream cheese". A few years later he released the first brand of cream cheese and called it "Neufchatel & Cream Cheese". It wasn't until 1880 that they changed the name to "Philadelphia Cream Cheese".

Chester is the home of the Hambletoinans

What's a Hambletonian? After talking to a few Chester High School employees, one of the big jokes at the school is that many students have no idea that Chester is home to the Hambletonian. Yes, the Hambletonian horse is the school's mascot. Why? We've asked everyone we could to try and find an answer but at the current time, we still haven't gotten an answer. If you know why? Please let us know and we will update this article ASAP!...LOL!


Falafel, Pizza Just Two of the Great Food Choices in Chester

According to food fans in Chester, they have a ton of choices when it comes to eating out. We heard nothing but great things about Allan's Falafel located at 115 Main St, Chester. They have the best shwarma and hummus and if you go you have to try the honey and sea salt fries. Christopher’s Bistro located at 69 Brookside Ave, Chester, is awesome for lunch, and according to a few text messages the steak salad is amazing! Rustic Wheelhouse Restaurant, located at 39 Main St, Chester, and Bagel Girls Cafe located at 69 Brookside Ave, Chester, are a couple of other places to try out. We got a text from Pat in Warwick who gave us a Bagel Girls recommendation, "French Toast bagels are unbelievable. Yum."

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