We are fast approaching the time of year when we say goodbye to the warmer spices that transition from summer to fall. The cinnamon, the nutmegs, and even the clove flavors make way for something a bit more prevalent, Peppermint.

Soon we will be buried in peppermint everything. Candy canes will be seen on candy store shelves everywhere and all of our designed coffees will lean into the peppermint and a way for the nutmeg.

I won't actually mind the flavor palette changing too much. I am a fan of clove, nutmeg, and everything the fall spices have to offer but I am also a peppermint fan. I have a cup of peppermint green tea just about every day. I also enjoy using mint-flavored toothpaste. I even keep peppermint essential oils around my home and office. The oil makes everything smell crisp and apparently, it is also good for cleaning the air as well.

Spearmint is an acceptable substitute in the right situation but there is something about peppermint that is just fresh and enduring. Mental Floss does a great job of explaining the difference between peppermint and spearmint.

So where are some great places to get Peppermint in the Hudson Valley?

Samuel's Sweet Shop - located in Rhinebeck at 42 East Market Street. There you might even find chocolate with a peppermint flavor for the holiday season. That would be yummy.

Krause's Chocolates - located in Saugerties, New Paltz, and Rhinebeck has holiday specialties that include making their own candy canes.

Cold Spring Candy Company and Fudge Factory - located in Cold Spring is a vintage candy store with all your nostalgic favorites and some new combinations as well.

These are just 3 of the many candy stores you can find all over the Hudson Valley check out the full google list here.

Check out this house while you sip a Peppermint Mochacino

Castle in the Catskills

It took twenty years to build and was worth every minute. A bluestone castle nestled into the Catskills just outside of Kingston could be yours. Yes, you need a bit of money but I know if you had the 12,000,000 you would want to live here. A girl can dream, can't she?

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