Yes, it's hot but imagine having one of these jobs.

We understand it is summer here in the Hudson Valley but over the last few weeks, the heat has been extreme, right? I'm currently writing this in the comfort of air conditioning so I'm not going to complain about how hot I there are some professions that have every right to complain.

What is the Worst Job to Have in This Heat?

After asking that question we received a ton of messages from folks all over the Hudson Valley. Before you scroll down to see some of the more popular answers we got here are a few of the text messages we received...

Dora from Highland who texted, "Big shout out to all correction officers working in our prison system with no AC...Most are working double shifts!"

Chris in Woodbousre texted us, "Sewer plant operator as that's what I do", OH BOY, that has to be one job that I will say I'm glad I don't ever have to do. I have a hard enough time going into a public restroom when it's this hot...LOL!

Ed in Stanfordville texted us, "Working in a casting foundry in this heat is terrible. Pouring bronze at 2350 degrees and steel at 3700 degrees while suited up is hot". That does sound hot but also sounds like a really cool job to have!

What do you think is the worst job to have in the Hudson Valley when it gets as hot as it has been the last few days? Call or text us through the Wolf country app. Did your job make the top 12? Take a look below...

Hudson Valley Hottest Jobs

Worst jobs to have when it's hot outside.

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