Look around your car, are you driving around with anything strange?

Did you know that 94% of woman drivers admit that at one time or another they have used the rearview mirror to pluck a facial hair while driving?

Is this true?? After talking on the air about how I was shocked by that number, Jess told me that she is definitely one of the 94%. She admitted that on occasion while she's driving if she happens to see a runaway hair in the rearview mirror, she has many times plucked it right away.


Why Does Someone Need Tweezers in the Car?

Jess told us that she has always made sure that she has tweezers in her car just in case she does see runaway hair and needs to pluck it. She also mentioned that the natural light in the car is better than anywhere else so it's the perfect place to check your face to make sure your eyebrows and facial hair are on point!!

Driving around with tweezers in the car got us wondering if you looked around your car right now, what is the strangest thing you have in it? As soon as we mentioned that question on the air we were blown away by the number of people listening that had some pretty strange things in their cars.

Before you start to scroll below to witness some really strange things, keep in mind that all of the things below are things that were told to us by people with who we share the roads within the Hudson Valley every day. Remember you really never know what's going on in the car next to you...LOL!

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