If your like me, you have been horrified at the images of pain and suffering coming out of Ukraine, well here's a way you can show your support.

It can be kind of frustrating to see all that's going on in that country knowing there's really no way you can help out. Sure you can make a donation to one of the many organizations that are lending a hand. Check out "Ways You Can Help The People Of Ukraine Right Now".

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But what if you have something to say, a message of hope, or something inspirational to show the many people who have been affected by this war that your on their side.

Well an organization called "The Ukraine Project" is currently looking for messages of support, and they have already recieved over 5,000 of these messages from people in 115 countries around the world..

Don't worry about a language barrier either, because each message is visualized in an interactive map which shows the translation into Ukrainian to express a message of hope and solidarity to the displaced people of Ukraine.

If you do send a message, you'll have a chance for that message to be displayed in front of 500,000 refugees in Warsaw, Poland. The messages of support will be displayed on the Warsaw Tower illumination this Saturday, and then on large digital billboards throughout the city starting the following morning and running for four days.

The project is the brainchild of employees at Preply.com, a language learning company. Anyone can submit messages, in any language, just visit the Preply Message Site.

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