Bubble brunches are as hot as low-wasted jeans were, back in the day.

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Then, low-wasted jeans went away, but now I hear they are hot again. Even hotter than the second coming of low-wasted jeans is the bubble brunch experience. What the hell am I talking about? Bubbles baby, bubbles.

When COVID-19 was wreaking havoc over the service industry and lawmakers were scrambling to keep people safe, we were introduced to these outdoor/indoor bubbles. In an effort to keep diners separated from other diners, COVID restrictions were set in motion that forced restaurants to pivot. If restaurants wanted to stay in business, they needed to purchase or create these warm, COVID-safe zones.

When restrictions were lifted, most of the dining bubbles went away. However, a few innovative restaurants, eateries and even vineyards have continued to use them as additional, trendy seating areas. I only know this because my wife and I rented a bubble at Aquila's Nest Vineyard in Newtown, about a month ago. If you can find a way to make customers happy while dining outside, in February, you're doing something right. It wasn't just a little bit of fun, it was a blast.

Ever since we had that experience, I'm constantly seeing social media posts with customers raving about their evening in a bubble. One Danbury restaurant is making it more than just evenings, Puerto Vallarta was just featured on a foodie Tik Tok page for their bubble brunch.

@cheatmealfoodz Come brunch with us at Puerto Vallarta in Danbury, CT! 🍳🌮 #MaiselChallenge #MakeItGucci #SephoraLipLooks #fyp #food #foodie ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy

The name of the Tik Tok page is @cheatmealfoodz and they have featured dozens of restaurants in CT, and beyond.

Look, I'll eat brunch in a tractor-trailer if it's good, just tell me there is bottomless mimosas and Bellinis and I'll see you there.

Some of the Best Danbury Area Brunch Spots According to Expert 'Brunchers'

My wife Erica has been to more brunches in the last month, than you've probably been to in the last four years and I'm no slouch either. This is one of the ways we like to treat ourselves, and an activity we both love.

So, we've had the meals, drank to the bottom of the bottomless mimosa barrel and now we present to you, Some of our Favorite Danbury area brunch spots.

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