Most of us have been home for over a month straight. My dishwasher has never been used this much -- ever.

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The other home appliance that we've been using way more often is our Mr. Coffee. What was once getting used only on Sunday mornings, is now taking multi-daily beatings.

If you want to gross yourself out, look at the underside of a faucet, or the water-delivery nozzle in your personal coffee machine. We noticed a faint earthy funk while it was brewing, and there was a white, chalky substance on the nozzle in the machine.

My Mr. Coffee really needed to be descaled, and with all the home use, your Keurig or Cuisinart probably does too. It's really easy. All you need is white vinegar, and It'll make your home brew taste a lot better. Let me show you:

Here's How to Descale Your Coffee Maker

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