The snow flurries and cold are likely to become a memory by this weekend, when Spring really springs for us. According to the Weather Channel, it looks like Spring will arrive in a big way this weekend!

A sweet blast of springtime weather is right around the corner and if I’m not jinxing us by writing about it, we should get a great weekend.

First, according to the Weather Channel, the mercury is moving up more and more as the week moves on. We should crack the 50 degree mark on Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday we’ll cross over the 70 degree threshold.

Saturday will be getting close to 80, (YES!) with a mix of sun and clouds, and Sunday they say we’ll be in the high 50s with a chance of a shower. We’ll take it. It’s just a brief sample of Spring, but I’m not gonna complain about warm weather. Well, I might complain if Mr. Morning decides to do the show again in his Speedo, but that’s another story for another day.

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