If you're a responsible dog owner with a friendly pet, there are plenty of places around Connecticut where you can let your little friend enjoy some safe, unleashed freedom.

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Dedicated dog parks are everywhere, but there are many restrictions. I guess they have to be, with liability awareness at its all time high. Most of the following are restricted to dogs that are: Spayed or neutered, not in heat, even tempered, under voice control, over 6 months old, and most importantly, pick up their Tootsie Rolls and Grande Burritos after they drop. Good boy? Want to go outside? Let's go.

Your Guide to The Off-Leash Dog Parks of Connecticut

There are quite a few dog parks around Connecticut that allow your pet to roam freely off-leash. There are many prohibitions and responsibilities, but it's so fun to watch your little friend explore open spaces. Here's a handy guide to quite a few around the state of Connecticut

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