Do we need another article about bears in Connecticut? DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?! It's exceptionally rare for a human to be attacked by a black bear. But it could happen, and I'm here to inform you how NOT to die during that rare instance when a pissed-off bear decides to charge and then attack.

According to a New York Times article, human-bear interactions have increased dramatically in Connecticut. In 2023, bears in Avon crashed a parade and stormed into a bakery. My oldest son, Matt, who lives in New Milford, has been visited a number of times by a 300-pound black bear searching for food.

In July 2023, a 65-year-old Litchfield man was bitten by a bear, and a 10-year-old was mauled in his grandparents’ backyard in Morris. The information I'm going to pass along is from Ben Kilham, a bear behavior researcher and orphaned cub rehabilitator. This bear expert has been charged by bears numerous times and will let you know how not to be attacked.

What "TO DO" and What "NOT TO DO" if You See a Bear And the Bear Sees You...

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Gallery Credit: Getty Images

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