So your all vaccinated, and according to the science your at a much lower risk of having anything to do with the coronavirus, well new data is starting to show you may not be as safe as you think.

When the vaccine was first introduced we were told by scientists and doctors that if you got the jab you had some 90 percent plus protection against COVID-19, and you would not be hospitalized, and you would not die.

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Now for the most part that was true, but now according to a new Yale University study just published and reported by, there are more and more breakthrough cases happening in Connecticut.

Breakthrough cases are cases where the person is fully vaccinated and still manages to contract the virus.

According to, the recent Yale data studied patients in the Yale New Haven Health System during a 14 week time frame. Between March and July of 2021 54 breakthrough cases were reported here in Connecticut. Now these cases are still considered rare, but are becoming more prevalent as new variants emerge. The other X factor is the time that has passed since people have been vaccinated, and their antibodies start to decrease.

Now should you worry, maybe not, but you should be concerned. There were some common themes found in these breakthrough cases. Those who are categorized in this study and have contracted the virus tended to be older, between the ages of 65 and 95, and most already had pre-existing conditions like type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Others in the study were also on medication that may have had an effect on the vaccines efficacy.

Another factor to consider is that most of those vaccinated were hospitalized before the new Delta variant became the dominate strain in the U.S.

Here are some of the latest stats reported by the Connecticut Department of Public Health:

New COVID-19 cases in the past 7 days by vaccination status Status:  

New Cases 2207

Not Fully Vaccinated 1521

Fully Vaccinated 686 

COVID-19 deaths in Connecticut have actually declined steadily since February, but the Connecticut Department of Public Health's data reveals the hopitalization rates have been consistantly higher amoung unvaccinated people, and the risk of dying is seven times greater.

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