Turkey rescue comes to Connecticut.

We all know about the Presidential Turkey pardon. But if you're like me, you had no idea about a controversial event that happens in Yellville, Arkansas. There's a festival called the Turkey Trot, and part of the tradition over the years has been dropping live turkeys out of planes.

You can only imagine the uproar when people around the country got wind of it. You'd think people would think better of a stunt like this, but an interesting fact arose.

An article in huffingtonpost.com says when push comes to shove, there are no rules against it. I mean, common decency and compassion might stop you, but not rules.

According to the story, the Federal Aviation Administration recently ruled the stunt didn't violate any rules. An FAA spokesman had this to say to the Huffington Post:

FAA regulations do not specifically prohibit dropping live animals from aircraft, possibly because the authors of the regulation never anticipated that an explicit prohibition would be necessary. This does not mean we endorse the practice

Here's where Connecticut comes in: 

There is an organization known as Farm Sanctuary, and they are America's leading farm animal protection organization. They promote rescuing turkeys and you can get information online at farmsanctuary.org/adopt-a-turkey. Farm Sanctuary brought rescued turkeys to a home in Southport, Connecticut, a few years back, and they'll be doing it again this week with. Here's video from the 2010 adoption.

No animal should be tossed out of a plane, or thrown off a roof, or have a myriad of other unspeakable things done to them. If you weren't aware of Farm Sanctuary, now you are.

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