Sarcasm is an ironic or satirical remark tempered by humor. Sarcasm is also the quickest way to get my attention. Make me laugh? You got me.

A couple of simple, sarcastic signs in Roxbury have really got my attention, I think it's brilliant. In the past couple of months, Roxbury has put up at least two secondary, snarky stop signs, that I know of anyway, that say "Really, You Have To Stop".  I hope there are many more like these, I think it's so effective.

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They're located on Wellers Bridge Road at the intersections with Hemlock/Rocky Mountain Roads and South Street. I often take 67/317 to get home. I did a triple take the first time that I saw them. I thought, sarcastically myself, just like the sign, really?

But then I thought about it, why the hell did Roxbury actually put those up? Well, I think it's a great idea that works.

We've all become so numb to rules and regulations, right? What does it matter if the speed limit says 25, everyone is doing 40. Why should I merge now? Everyone is still driving up the right lane to where the DOT truck is parked? Stop? There was no one around....

There are consequences to not paying attention. Since those signs went up, I've noticed that the rolling stops have, well, stopped. People creep up, fully stop, look both ways, and then go now. Interesting.

Is it time to adapt Connecticut's road signs to speak in a language that people understand - Sarcasm? Wouldn't you pay more attention to a sign that says "Despite what your brah says, slow down" or "Yield, don't be a dick"?

Connecticut has the funds, Roxbury has the innovation, God I hope it spreads. Can you imagine Westport subcontracting Gilbert Gottfried to come up with biting street signs? "Speed Bumps Ahead - Protect and Respect Your Coccyx"

Great job Roxbury, I love the way you think.

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