Tonight is a special night for women in Danbury. A chance for inspiration and motivation. A night to recharge your dreams. "Conversations With Extraordinary Women 2017" will be held tonight at the Amber Room Colonade in Danbury. Cocktail hour is 5:00pm followed by a panel discussion from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Moderated by women's policy analyst Christine Palm who is known for her work with the commission on women, children and seniors.

One of the speakers tonight is well-known news anchor, Gretchen Carlson. She has been an powerful advocate for equality in the workplace. Ms. Carlson will tell her stories of working in the media and her highly publicized 2016 sexual harassment case.

Holly Dowling, a leading management and empowering expert behind many Fortune 500 companies, will also speak this evening. Ms. Dowling has been the force behind these businesses by helping to build stronger leaders and empowering women to higher levels of success.

You can register online at A portion of tonights' proceeds will benefit Gretchen Carlson's foundation, Gift of Courage, helping young women reach their full potential in the workplace.

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