Imagine this scenario: You are sitting at a slot machine at Mohegan Sun. Clink, clink, clink, more crazy sounds and so many lights all around. You pull the handle, the tumblers inside spin. You pull it again, the tumblers spin again. Suddenly, the machine that you have been feeding starts to go crazy! More lights, more sounds! It's as if it may explode. And then, you realize...


Last Wednesday morning (October 3), reports that Cindy Montalbano of Franklin Square, New York, was playing the Wizard of Oz penny slot machine when her life, and her bank account, were about to change. Cindy Montalbano just won a whole lot of money.

$1,984,388.38 to be exact. Talk about a life changer! The jackpot was one of the largest won. Just 3 weeks before on Wednesday, September 12, Kenneth Frey of Bethel won $875,898.88 on a Super 4 Blackjack Progressive Game Table.

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