We just received a disturbing arrest report from the Newtown Police Department.

On Wednesday September 9, 2020, Newtown and Connecticut State Police both responded to the Tunnel Road Overpass of Interstate 84, which is located in Newtown, following a report of an individual reportedly holding a child over the edge of the bridge.

At that point, members of the Connecticut State Police shut down traffic along the interstate, and Newtown Police Officers say they were able to locate 33-year-old Micheale Brewer walking along the side of the road, pulling a wagon with a child in it, in the vicinity of the Tunnel Road Overpass.

The Tunnel Road Overpass is located roughly a half a mile past Exit 9 along I-84 Eastbound, you can see from the above photo, that's a very serious drop of 20-30 feet. Here's a photo of the Tunnel Road Overpass from a vehicle going along I-84 Eastbound:


After an investigation by the responding officers, Brewer was placed under arrest on charges of Reckless Endangerment, and Risk of Injury to a Child. The child was not injured, and was released into the custody of a family member.

We did receive a few phone calls here at the station from concerned motorists who were stuck along 84 at the time. It must have been horrifying for the unfortunate few who witnessed the alleged incident. There's no word yet from Newtown or Connecticut State Police if Brewer has posted bond, or any upcoming court appearances.

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