The Wolf Rack Gallery for 2022 is complete. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a photo for the gallery. We will be announcing the grand prize winner of the Wolf Trophy Bucks soon. One lucky hunter will be receiving a prize worth $1000 thanks to Perfect Exteriors and Kenco Outfitters.

All of us here at the Wolf take pride in our local hunters and the traditions that they share with family and friends. We realize some of you are still out there so have a safe season. Thank you to all the hunters who are great stewards of our forests and meadows.

The Grand Prize Winner for Show Us Your Rack 2022 is Bill Moylan and his Family


Bill and his family are from Rosendale, New York. They shared this photo of the 8-point buck taken by Bill while accompanied by his daughter Casey (8) yrs old on the opening day of gun season 2022. The buck was taken with a Thomson Contender 30/30 pistol. After harvesting the buck, son William the 3rd and son Wallace along with great friends Jimmy and Suzy were called to help with tracking and locating the deer. Much fun and happiness as well as excitement were celebrated that morning. Bill is happy to show the Hudson valley how much of a family sport this can be if it’s practiced safely and humanely.

The Wolf Rack Gallery 2022 With Help From Kenco and Perfect Exteriors

The Wolf Rack Gallery 2022

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in a photo. Perfect Exteriors and Kenco Outfits along with all of us here at the Wolf take pride in the fact that you shared your photo with us. We are honored to be able to spotlight you in the Wolf Rack Gallery for 2022.

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