With the temperatures dropping now that Fall has arrived it brings to mind that snow won't be far off. For some of us this could be bad news for others it means making money. Snow removal in the Hudson Valley can be a great job but there are a few requirements.

The first and most important requirement, of course, is that you have to enjoy the snow. If you are going to be in the snow removal business you can't be anti-cold. You also have to like getting out in the snow at all hours. People who clean up the roads and the snow typically are up before the sun.

New York State Needs Snowplow Drivers

school bus in snow
Roger Mcclean

am lucky where I live in Esopus our Highway crew has an amazing winter routine. I haven't been snowed in once thanks to their efficiency. They are out during the snow and then once the skies clear they are out cleaning up what's left.

How to get a Job with the NYS DOT

If you are a fan of snow and like to drive big trucks the New York State Department of Transportation may have a winter opportunity for you. They have posted on their Facebook page that they are looking for snowplow drivers for the winter. if you want to push around snow, you like to drive and you don't mind weird hours this could be the job for you.

Click here to find out more about the Job with the New York State Department of Transportation and how to Apply

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